Tupelo Criminal Law Attorneys

At Herring Chapman, PA, we are prepared to defend your interests when you have been accused of criminal offense. Our veteran team of attorneys is highly successful in trial and is known for effective and professional representation.

The criminal court system is structured to accomplish justice, yet in a manner that protects the accused right to a fair trial. We will confront the charges, staunchly advocating on your behalf to ensure that your constitutional rights are protected at every step. With more than 15 years' experience in Mississippi criminal courts, our aggressive defense has been proven successful in saving hundreds of clients from the consequences of a wrongful accusation.

No matter the nature of the overwhelming charges you face, we are equipped to skillfully handle the matter, expediently working for the best resolution possible. We are equipped to handle federal and state charges, both felony and misdemeanor, at all levels. This includes juvenile delinquency, white collar crimes, expungements, appeals and post-conviction relief.

Tupelo Criminal Law Attorneys — Defending Clients Throughout Northern Mississippi

We will provide you an honest and straightforward perspective on where your case stands, as well as the most advisable options at your disposal. Should negotiations be appropriate, we will bring out the strengths of your position to achieve an advantageous agreement.

However, we are unafraid to represent you in litigation. We are professional trial lawyers and thorough in our preparation for trial, examining the evidence with a time-tested understanding of how it can be used to reach a successful outcome. We have a reputation for success and professionalism in court, and we will leverage our experience for your benefit.

Criminal charges can threaten to shake your life and that of your family. We will handle the matter, minimizing the negative impact, protecting your constitutional rights and helping you to an expedient resolution.

To arrange a complimentary initial consultation to discuss the charges you are facing with a Lee County criminal law attorney, please contact our office at 662-842-1617.