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Probate And Estate Administration

When a family member passes, sorrow and uncertainty follow. At Herring Chapman, PA, our compassionate lawyers understand this is a difficult time and can ease the confusion that comes with the death of a loved one.

Distribution of your loved one’s estate is conducted through probate. Probate is the process where a loved one’s personal and real property are distributed to beneficiaries and heirs.

All debts, claims, and taxes that the estate owes are paid by the executor or personal representative of the estate and the remaining property is distributed according to the person’s will, if there is one.

If there is no will, their estate is distributed according to Mississippi’s laws of intestate succession. Not all property is subject to the probate process.

Established in 1998, our firm has the experience with Mississippi probate laws and can help you with probate proceedings.

Mississippi Probate Laws Are Complex

Assuming the responsibilities of probate and estate administration is a complicated process that is detailed and time-intensive. At Herring Chapman, PA, our attorneys have the experience you need and can assume the responsibilities of probate and administering your loved one’s estate.

We will ensure that all processes are completed in a timely manner and correctly executed the first time. We can help you with:

  • Probate administration
  • Estate administration of trusts
  • Beneficiaries’ rights
  • Joint ownership matters
  • Small estate probate

Probate disagreements can mean delayed distribution of assets, damage family relationships and could mean beneficiaries paying additional costs. At Herring Chapman, PA, we help Mississippi families resolve probate conflicts that may arise during this sensitive time for your family.

Contact Our Capable Probate Administration Attorneys

If you require probate or estate administration assistance, call Herring Chapman, PA, at 662-842-1617. We can discuss your legal needs during a free complimentary consultation in our Tupelo office.

Our goal at Herring Chapman, PA is to provide strong and effective representation for all our clients; to be prepared for all contingencies; to deliver results that surpass each client’s expectations; and to present professionalism from ourselves and staff of which every client can be proud.