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Confident Advocacy For Child Custody, Support And Visitation

While no aspect of divorce is easy, decisions involving children can be some of the most contentious. Herring Chapman, PA, partners with you through divorce, protecting what matters most. We have guided Mississippi families through divorce and other family law matters since 1998. We can assist with everything from a simple divorce to a complex, high-asset divorce case.

While our attorneys can negotiate on your behalf, we are respected for our skill in court. If your child custody or support decisions proceed to court, we have the experience and confidence you need. Our firm regularly represents difficult cases in court and is responsible for Mississippi’s current joint custody policy from a 2007 case.

Putting Your Child’s Best Interests First In Custody Decisions

All decisions are made to protect the best interests of your child. Mississippi favors a joint custody arrangement after divorce, allowing both parents influence in the child’s life. However, if there is substantial evidence that interaction with your ex-spouse could harm your child, our skilled lawyers can demonstrate that a typical joint custody ruling is not in their best interests. We will act as your trusted advocates and ensure that your and your children’s needs are heard.

Even within joint custody, one parent will have primary physical custody of the child, while the other parent is awarded visitation rights. Once established, these orders must be followed or you could be found in contempt of court. Likewise, we can file a contempt action on your behalf when your ex-spouse is not following a court order and under some circumstances, have your ex-spouse ordered to reimburse you for your attorney’s fees.

If a custody order does not satisfy your family’s needs, we can file to have it modified.

Securing Fair Child Support Payments

Divorce can place financial strain on the parent with primary physical custody of the children. To rectify this imbalance, you can petition for child support payments. While Mississippi sets basic guidelines to determine payments, these can be adjusted to your family’s unique situation and your child’s needs. Our attorneys can carefully evaluate your circumstances and help you pursue the full support you need.

Family circumstances change over time due to unpredictable factors such as salary changes, remarriage and new children. If your or your ex-spouse’s circumstances change, we can help you petition the court to adjust child support payments.

Contact Us For Comprehensive Guidance

If you are a parent with a child custody issue, call our Tupelo office at 662-842-1617 to schedule a free consultation with our skilled family law attorneys. We can evaluate your situation and explain how child custody and support, and your best options to deal with these matters, will impact your family.

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