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Pursuing Just Compensation After Serious Accidents

When you incur a significant injury due to another party’s negligence, you need representation that has the skill and capability to achieve justice. At Herring Chapman, PA, our litigation experience equips us to successfully handle serious personal injury cases, working to protect the interests of our clients and helping them find some semblance of normalcy after the accident.

Prepared To Address Complicated Cases

We are prepared to handle complicated personal injury cases that other Mississippi firms are unable to take. This includes catastrophic injury, professional malpractice, devastating truck and auto accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, wrongful death claims, and medical malpractice cases.

We are aware of the profound pain and loss that an accident can cause, and we zealously advocate on your behalf. Under law, the only restitution that is allowed for these accidents is monetary award. While this will not undo the accident, it can help to bring closure to you and your family. It also provides damages that can cover medical bills, rehabilitation expenses and the pain you have experienced.

Thorough Case Evaluation To Protect Your Claim

We thoroughly evaluate the evidence surrounding your accident, determining the parties at fault and the factors that contributed to the negligence. Our preparation is thorough; you can rest assured that no detail will be overlooked.

We work closely with a network of professionals and experts, ranging from doctors and medical specialists to accident reconstructionists and forensic experts. These expert opinions substantiate your claim against the responsible party, increasing your claim’s chances of successful recovery.

Contact Our Lawyers For Experienced Representation

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Our goal at Herring Chapman, PA is to provide strong and effective representation for all our clients; to be prepared for all contingencies; to deliver results that surpass each client’s expectations; and to present professionalism from ourselves and staff of which every client can be proud.